MackeyRMS Named to 10 Best Hedge Fund Software Providers 2017 by Capital Markets CIO Outlook

FREMONT, CA— MackeyRMS announced today that it has been featured as one of the “10 Best Hedge Fund Software Providers 2017” in the special edition of Capital Markets CIO Outlook magazine.

“We are delighted to have MackeyRMS in our annual ranking list of 10 Best Hedge Fund Software Providers 2017,” said Andy White, Managing Editor of Capital Markets CIO Outlook magazine.

MackeyRMS understands that research is the most valuable intellectual property of investment industry, especially as compliance requirements have grown more complex. Mackey comes up with an advanced API integration software that seamlessly integrates with the existing applications and devices, makes it easy to manage both external and proprietary content.

About MackeyRMS

MackeyRMS was founded by veterans of the hedge fund, enterprise software and cloud computing industries. The glaring need for modern research management software, and the changing regulatory and compliance environment, has paved a way to develop MackeyRMS in 2011. Since then, it has become a dominant player in hedge funds and has diversified its client base which includes some of the world’s leading asset management, multi-manager and sell-side institutions. For more info, visit:

About Capital Markets CIO Outlook

Capital Markets CIO Outlook is a print magazine published from Fremont, California. It features the viewpoints of CIO’s, IT-VP’s, CFO’s and other decision makers sharing their insights and perspectives on the Capital Market. And, it stands out to be one of the best publishing house from the rest of the crowd that provides the latest trends in Capital Markets arena. For more info, visit:

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