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We understand that your research is your most valuable intellectual property.

This is why we pay tremendously close attention, and take great care, in offering full migration and imports when onboarding MackeyRMS. This full suite of migration and import services are offered to all clients at no additional charge.

Our world-class technical team has completed dozens upon dozens of migrations and imports. This experience spans working with legacy and modern RMS platforms, proprietary systems, traditional shared folder and filesystem imports, email imports from Outlook, among many other consumer applications.


Our migration process goes beyond preserving your existing research.

Taking great care in upholding the data structure, we work collaboratively with clients to ensure a smooth migration process from the very beginning. The migration process goes above and beyond preserving your existing research: our goal is to provide an accurate and timely data migration, but minimize the time and effort required from our clients. We work to not only provide the best data quality, but also provide best practices, guidance, and workflow recommendations to improve upon existing processes.

We make your research more accessible and actionable than ever, providing access to your data on the web and on your mobile device.

Given our extensive experiences, years of iteration, development, and improvement with migrating and importing data, our services are truly best-in-breed.

Our clear and proven track record lends itself to a smooth project and transition that leaves all stakeholders satisfied with onboarding MackeyRMS.